Creating Storage Benchmark Charts With FIO and GNUplot

Wed 22 May 2013 Category: Storage

Edit 2019: I've made a new tool called 'fio-plot'to create various graphs.

I use FIO to perform storage IO performance benchmarks. FIO does provide a script called "fio_generate_plots" which generates PNG or JPG based charts based on the data generated by FIO. The charts are created with GNUplot.

The "fio_generate_plots" didn't make me very happy as it didn't generate the kind of graphs I wanted. Furthermore, the script just contains some copy/pastes of the same blocks of code, slightly altered for the different benchmark types. I understand that the focus lies on FIO itself not some script to generate some fancy graphs, so don't get me wrong, but the script could be improved.

I used this script as the basis for a significantly reworked version, putting the code in a function that can be called with different parameters for the different benchmark types.

The result of this new script is something like this:


You can download this new script here. This script requires GNUplot 4.4 or higher.

Update 2013/05/26

I've submitted the script as a patch to the maintainers of FIO and it has been committed to the source tree. I'm not sure how this will work out but I assume that this script will be part of newer FIO releases.