The Future of ZFS Now That OpenSolaris Is Dead

Sat 14 August 2010 Category: Uncategorized

With the probable loss of OpenSolaris, there may be another, maybe more devastating loss.

The very popular and very advanced Zetabyte File System (ZFS)

The only open source platform that actively supports ZFS is FreeBSD. And they just 'copied' the code from OpenSolaris. Are they able to maintain and further develop ZFS on their own? I don't think the community can handle a thing like that. Development on ZFS will severely be hampered and will not continue in the pace it did.

It is also clear that Oracle doesn't give a shit about open source or open operating systems. That is ok with me, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But keep this in mind when you decide to use any Oracle product whatsoever.

It's not that I'm suggesting that you should not buy Oracle stuff. I have no grudge against Oracle in any way, it is just an objective observation, just be aware of this issue.

From the perspective of Oracle: what is their benefit regarding OpenSolaris? I understand their decision, but its sad nevertheless. And I'm really scared for the future of ZFS.