Smoking Coolermaster Silent Pro M 600W TN6M50

Wed 10 February 2010 Category: Uncategorized

So I was just messing around on my work station, when suddenly I smelled the smell any person familiar with electronics fears. The smell of some electrical component burning.

The whole upper floor smelled like something was smoldering. So I shut down both my storage servers. After half an hour I still hadn't found the source of the smell, but it definitely was my 18 TB NAS.

So I switched it back on to see if I could determine the cause. The smell became stronger and within the strike light of my flash light, I saw small strands of grey smoke slowly twirling out of the Coolermaster Silent Pro M 600W power supply.

That was the moment I decided to turn the system off immediately. I know this kind of thing can happen. But it is still very bad for such a component to crap out on me like that.

Needless to say that I don't want a replacement of this model in my server. I will now try my luck with the Corsair CMPSU-750HX 750Watt PSU.

Based on a single experience it cannot be concluded that this Coolermaster PSU is a bad one that should be avoided. But the only moving part of a PSU is the (big) fan. What must be wrong with it that it decided to start smoking?

For reasons of availability, a redundant power supply should be used, but that is just too expensive for my taste ($500+).