Shunit2, Unit Testing for Shell Scripts

Thu 17 December 2009 Category: Uncategorized

This may be of interest to people who are as stupid as I am and write elaborate shell scripts instead of using a proper scripting language such as Python or Ruby. No I am deliberately not mentioning Perl here.

Anyway, testing is always an issue. With PPSS, I encountered many times that some change broke something in another place. Testing if some change screwed things up manually is just tedious and a pain.

As any person who is semi-serious about programming should have done already, I started to write some unit tests. For bash scripts, there is this unit test framework called Sunit2. It takes some effort to write tests. But once you have written some tests and witness how the tests that passed before now fail after you changed some code is priceless. Because often, you would not have found the issue before a long time.