Migration From Blogger to Blogofile and Disqus Is Complete

Tue 04 January 2011 Category: Uncategorized

As stated in my previous post, I migrated all posts from blogger.com to my own host running blogofile. At the time of my previous post, I was not able to restore all comments made on my old blog. Thanks to some help from disqcus I fixed an error on my behalf and all old comments from my older blog appeared on the appropriate pages.

This completes the transition from blogger to blogofile and discus (for comments).

I'm now working on a controller for blogofile that recursively generates a static HTML photo blog. Relearning Python along the way. When working properly, the code will be made available so other people can at least have a good laugh.

This blog is now running on an old Intel based Mac Mini, also acting as a firewall.