Making Cowpatty Recognize a Four-Way Handshake

Sun 22 November 2009 Category: Uncategorized

I was unable to get cowpatty working with a packet capture that actually

contains a four-way handshake of a WPA session.

I got it working like this:

First, download cowpatty 4.6 right here, within the source directory of cowpatty.

Extract cowpatty and apply this patch using these instructions

Then build couwpatty just with 'make' and 'make install'.

I created a test setup with a known password. However, this patched

version did not find the passphrase using a dictionary file.

I then used genpmk to create a precomputed hash database like this:

genpmk -f ./aircrack-ng-1.0/test/password.lst -d hashes -s default

Please note that I added the correct passphrase to this password list to

make sure that cowpatty works.

Finally, using the -d option on the hash file, cowpatty

managed to crack the PSK.