'Improved' Image Gallery for Blogofile

Fri 21 January 2011 Category: Uncategorized

This blog is just static HTML pages that are generated using Blogofile. The Blogofile website sports a small image gallery that has been written to illustrate how to create your own 'controllers' or Blogofile plugins.

My Python skills are horrible buy I managed to improve a bit on this example photo gallery. If you click on the 'Photos' menu at the top of this blog, you can see an example of the result.

What is the improvement?

  • Basically one thing: it create a gallery by traversing recursively over a directory structure containing pictures.

How to install?

  1. Just create a folder where you will store pictures.

  2. Add this to your _config.py

photo_gallery = controllers.photo_gallery

photo_gallery.enabled = True

photo_gallery.path = "pictures"

  1. put this file into _controllers/photo_gallery
  2. enter into this gallery and create a symlink like:

ln -s photo_gallery.py __init__.py

  1. download the example templates here.

Additional info

This photo gallery generator ignores symlinks. However, it looks for a special file name in every directory:


This file can be a symnlink to one of the photo's. It is used as the identifying picture for a folder with pictures. Every directory should contain at least a single showcase.jpg.

If you have a folder called Europe containing two sub folders England and France, you can create a showcase.jpg symlink to one of the underlying showcase files of one of the folders. This picture will then be used to 'identify' the "Europe" folder.

Example directory tree:

./USA/New York
./USA/New York/showcase.jpg