HighPoint RocketRAID and Staggered Spinup With Samsung F1

Tue 21 July 2009 Category: Uncategorized

I have experienced problems using a HighPoint RocketRaid 2320 and 2340 when they are using 'staggered spinup' in combination with Samsung Spinpoint F1, 1 (one) terrabyte disks.

The problem is that the F1 disks spinup very slowly and often seem to 'hang' while making ticking noises that will scare any computer user to death. When, after ages, you have the luck that no disks keeps hanging during startup, the first thing to do is to disable staggered spinup.

However, if staggered spinup is not used and all disks will spinup together, please note that you will need a strong PSU to handle the short peak load. For example, starting up 20 (twenty) disks will briefly generate a load of 550 Watt on my APC ups, according to its display.

I estimate that during startup, each disk is roughly consuming 20 Watt. Take this all into account when deciding which type of disks and controllers you will be using.