Corsair CM PSU-750HX Seems Ok

Wed 10 February 2010 Category: Uncategorized

I had to replace my Coolermaster PSU and after some searching on the interweb, I chose the Corsair CMPSU-750HX. One of the reasons is that Corsair states that this PSU can withstand 50 degree Celcius in continuous operation on full load.

The package is very, clean, with all the cables in some neat pouch and the PSU itself also in a neat bag. You pay quite some money, but it at least suggest quality. The modular design with the modular kables is excellent.

Personally, I think that PSUs with multiple 12v rails are not that usefull. This particular PSU has just one single 12v rail that can be loaded up to full capacity of the PSU. I think this makes the design easier and if you are running heavy systems that have short spikes (starting al drives) this is ideal.

I hope this one lasts longer.