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  1. How to Escape File Names in Bash Shell Scripts

    Sun 29 March 2009

    After fighting with Bash for quite some time, I found out that the following code provides a nice basis for escaping special characters. Ofcource it is not complete, but the most important characters are filtered.

    If anybody has a better solution, please let me know. It works and it is readable but not pretty.

    FILE_ESCAPED=`echo "$FILE" | \

    sed s/\ /\\\\\\\ /g | \

    sed s/\'/\\\\\\\'/g | \

    sed s/\&/\\\\\\\&/g | \

    sed s/\;/\\\\\\\;/g | \

    sed s/(/\\\\\(/g | \

    sed s/)/\\\\\)/g `

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