Archives for 2010

Thu 30 December 2010
Migrated this blog from to blogofile
Tue 28 December 2010
LFS - Linux Firewall Script released
Mon 27 December 2010
Why filtering DHCP traffic is not always possible with iptables
Wed 08 December 2010
Belkin Gigabit USB 2.0 adapter works perfectly with Linux
Fri 26 November 2010
The minimum requirements for a secure system
Mon 22 November 2010
'Linux: using disk labels to counter storage device name changes'
Thu 18 November 2010
'Secure programming: how to implement user account management'
Wed 17 November 2010
Do not buy a hardware RAID controller for home use
Thu 11 November 2010
Linux network interface bonding / trunking or how to get beyond 1 Gb/s
Sat 06 November 2010
The iPhone, iPad and iOS are powering a revolution
Sat 23 October 2010
Apple is killing off the optical drive just like the floppy disk
Wed 29 September 2010
Linux Software RAID benchmarking script
Mon 27 September 2010
'Zabbix Security: client-server communication seems insecure'
Fri 20 August 2010
Debian Lenny and Dell R410 network card not supported
Sat 14 August 2010
Solaris is an obsolete platform
Sat 14 August 2010
The future of ZFS now that OpenSolaris is dead
Fri 13 August 2010
RAID 5 vs. RAID 6 or do you care about your data?
Wed 04 August 2010
'A Moment Of Silence: OpenSolaris Is Dead'
Tue 03 August 2010
Compiling Handbrake CLI on Debian Lenny
Sat 10 July 2010
Debian Lenny and Dell S300 H200 and H700 RAID controllers
Sat 03 July 2010
Lustre and the risk of Serious Data Loss
Sat 12 June 2010
Secure caching DNS server on Linux with DJBDNS
Sun 23 May 2010
'Linux RAID level and chunk size: the benchmarks'
Tue 20 April 2010
'Tool of the month: iftop - advanced bandwidth monitoring'
Sat 10 April 2010
WFS - WAN Failover Script now available
Wed 07 April 2010
HP Procurve "auto DoS" feature causing network problems
Sat 03 April 2010
RAID array size and rebuild speed
Mon 22 March 2010
'Linux: monitor a directory for files'
Thu 18 March 2010
'Syslog: the hidden security risk'
Mon 22 February 2010
Ubuntu and full disk encryption (FDE)
Thu 18 February 2010
Scanning many hosts in parallel with Nmap using PPSS
Wed 10 February 2010
Corsair CM PSU-750HX seems ok
Wed 10 February 2010
Smoking coolermaster Silent Pro M 600W TN6M50
Sun 31 January 2010
Is the iPhone OS a threat to our freedom?
Sat 30 January 2010
Why the iPad will be a breakthrough in human computing
Sat 30 January 2010
The iPad will be the death of Flash
Sat 23 January 2010
Mounting a file system or partition from a disk image
Sun 03 January 2010
'Linux: show graphical layout of disk temperatures'